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The Go Power! 10 amp Solar Controller regulates current flow from the solar panels to the battery and prevents overcharging and optimizes battery lifespan. *Product not sold in stores; available as an OEM install ONLY. Actual item may not be exactly as pictured.  

Product Features:

• Pulse Width Modulation Charging • 3 Battery Charging profiles: Gel, AGM and Flooded • 4 Stage Charging: Bulk, Float, Absorption and Equalize • Monthly Equalize option • LCD display shows Charging Current, Battery Voltage • LED indicator shows Battery State of Charge • Reverse Polarity protected • Accepts up to 170 watts of solar at 12 volts

Product Overview

Maximize battery life with efficient and controlled charging. This OEM-installed PWM controller accepts up to 190 watts of solar. Not available for purchase.

Product Specifications

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